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Sensory Motor Approach to Apraxia of Speech and Related Motor Speech Disorder

POLAND 13 - 14 OCTOBER 2017

Workshop Learning Outcomes
• Identify three deficiencies as related to motor planning, motor based and sensory deficits.
• Understand the direct link between working on oral placement movements and speech sound
• Use at least 3 new speech therapy techniques with existing clients.
• Learn OPT transition techniques from movement to speech sound production.
• Use a Tactile/Verbal/Visual approach to teaching speech.
• Discover a hierarchy of working from the isolated sound through higher level syllable sequencing.
Morning Session 8:30am-12:00pm
1. Introduction and Course Overview
2. Identify Current Definitions and Knowledge of Apraxia of Speech in Children
a. Apraxia, Dyspraxia, Motor Planning
3. Discuss differences in presentation for each diagnosis.
Afternoon Session 1:00pm-4:00pm
4. Discuss Treatment as Integrated Program for Apraxia and related motor speech disorders in Children and
Possible Diagnosis Scenarios
a. Sensory Deficits
b. Motor Planning Deficits
c. Dysarthria
5. Therapist’s Responsibility in Assessment and Treatment
a. Assess Sensory, Feeding, Oral Placement, and Motor Planning Skills
Morning Session 8:30am-12:00pm
1. Discuss Importance of Phonation as Prerequisite to Speech Sound Imitation
a. Learn Various Methods to Teaching Phonation
2. Oral Placement Components of a Motor Speech Program
3. Tools/Techniques to Transition from Oral Movement to Speech Production
a. Group Practice Using Tools and Tactile Kinesthetic Hand Cues
Afternoon Session 1:00pm-4:00pm
4. Hierarchy of Speech: From Non-Vocal to Imitation to Communication
a. Group Practice
5. Sound to Syllable to Words
a. Group Practice
6. “Before and After” Videos and Case Examples
7. Participant Case Discussions

Renee Roy Hill has provided therapeutic assessments and program planning for adults and children with oral placement, feeding and motor speech deficits for over 17 years. She is the owner of Crossroads Therapy Clinic in New Braunfels, TX and a member of the TalkTools® speakers bureau. Renee has been an invited speaker for ASHA state conventions and has received specialized training in speech/oral-motor/feeding therapy, Apraxia, sensory processing disorders, Hanen Courses, NDT training, TAMO therapy and PROMPT. She is the creator of the TalkTools® Schedule Board Kit, co-author of Ice Sticks, and author of the TalkTools® Apraxia Program.




In this workshop, Renee Roy Hill will discuss treatment of clients diagnosed with apraxia of speech and related motor speech disorders.

Many of these clients do not respond to the traditional auditory and visually-based motor speech techniques often because other co-existing issues, including oral sensory deficits, feeding deficits, and oral placement deficits, are not addressed making differential diagnosis an important assessment component.

Renee demonstrates how OPT activities, which utilize a tactile approach, in conjunction with auditory and visually-based apraxia therapy techniques will improve speech clarity for clients with the diagnosis of apraxia.




  • Discuss goals related to treatment of apraxia of speech

  • Define childhood apraxia of speech along with subsequent motor speech impairments that may also be present

  • Participants will gain an understanding of when a muscle-based approach is appropriate in a treatment plan

  • Study sensory, feeding and motor issues as related to children with a diagnosis of apraxia of speech and other motor speech disorders

  • Teach how oral placement activities through structured repetition improve muscle skill and teach muscle memory

  • Understand how using a multi-sensory tactile approach is used with clients to transition from OPT to facilitate speech production

  • Provide strategies for planning and implementing a multi-modality motor speech program

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