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  • ARK's Tran-Quill™ Writing Kit plastic PJtherapeutic

ARK's Tran-Quill™ Writing Kit plastic

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Manufacturer ARK Therapeutic Services, Inc.
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ARK's Tran-Quill™ Writing Kit

is an innovative sensory kit that can be used to improve a variety of writing skills, particularly for individuals with sensory integration issues and/or poor fine motor control.


1 vibratory handpiece plastic,

4 Pen Tips (assorted colors),

1 Pencil Tip adaptor,

6 golf pencils,

1 pencil sharpener,

3 Bite-n-Chew Tips,

2 grip's set.

  • The vibration, textured surface, and weight of the handle provide increased sensory input and proprioceptive feedback to the hand during writing tasks. These sensations may increase focus, normalize writing speed, increase hand strength and dexterity, and/or decrease the grip force used to hold a pen/pencil. If turned on to vibrate, the soothing effects are felt in the hand, but do not affect the actual writing - perfect for homework, note-taking, drawing, and much more .
  • The Bite-n-Chew Tip is fun to chew on and provides increased oral sensory motor input.
  • The Butter Grips and triangular pencil grip provide different levels of muscular support to the hand for individuals with decreased fine motor and hand strength.
  • Both pen and pencil options are included for varying fine motor work.


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