FACE FORMER -an innovative tool used in myofunctional therapy, a tool for strengthening the muscle and skin tone, now for only 35,60


CRITTERS MASSAGERS - solid handle with bat or fish characters can be used for jaw, cheeks massage as well as for bigger muscle groups, now for only 76,80


FIVE VIBE - is a complete personal oral-facial vibratory device that comes with 5 different textured interchangeable massage tips, now for only 58,00


DR HINZ ORAL SCREEN STANDARD SOFT II - prevents malocclusion as well as contributes to the self healing process of existing deformations, strengthens the oral musculature... now for only 16,60

CHEW STIXX  is an oral motor device for jaw strenght and stabilization training, durable and tough - one of the strongest oral motor chews in the world, now for only 7,92