-learn why some children and adults have difficulty controlling saliva. This is not a behavioral approach; it addresses the cause of the problem from a muscle-based perspective to reduce and even eliminate drooling.

SMILE PROGRAM for only 87, -eur

fun therapy program for tongue thrust remediation for CHILDREN ages 7-12

ASSESMENT AND TREATMENT OF THE JAW by S.Rosenfeld-Johnson - program with kit and DVD for only 160,- eur

-learn the importance of adequate strength and stability in the muscles of the jaw, and methods for assessment and treatment of deficiencies in this area. 182 pages

APRAXIA PROGRAM- DVD with kit by R.ROY-HILL for only 62,- eur

- the kit is ideal for transitioning movement from an Oal Placement Therapy to speech production for those Clients with motor planning deficits.

TONGUE THRUST THERAPY- DVD (6 hours) and manual for only 130,- eur

 This six-hour workshop, presented by Robyn Merkel-Walsh, M.A., CCC-SLP, explains techniques to help remediate persistent lisps, interdentalized productions of t-d-l-n, and distortions of sh-ch-r, when they are the result of a tongue thrust disorder.