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Instrument zur Gesichtstherapie für Erwachsene: geübt wird mit einer Reihe von Muskeln der Partien des Mundraums, die Hals- und Kinnmuskeln, verbessert werden die Flexibilität des Hautgewebes, die Flexibilität  – den Widerstand des Instrumentes regelt man durch das Anbringen von Spanngummis unterschiedlicher Dicke;


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Facial Flex ULTRA

An orofacial speech therapy tool. It develops a wide range of muscles around the mouth, chin and even neck, which are responsible for proper speech and swallowing processes. Because of the isotonic exercises, the paralyzed or weakened muscles recover their strength and the skin recovers its elasticity.

The device is used by resting its nacre ends in the corners of the mouth and then shaping the lips into an oval and fully compressing. The resistance level depends on the band size you use. Along with the device you will receive a set of resistance bands (6 & 8 oz.) and a CD with instructions.

Facial Flex Adult is a FDA registered medical device and received positive feedback from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Additional resistance bands and optional sizes are also available in our store and are sold separately.

The device is also recommended by cosmetologists for the wrinkle correction.

Perfect tool for professional musicians who plays trumpet, saxophone for facial muscle training.



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