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Welle aus PVC, gefüllt mit ungiftigem Gel , das lange eine niedrige Temperatur aufrecht erhält – Instrument zur Rehabilitation der Zunge bei wesentlicher Begrenzung des Bereichs ihrer Bewegungen, eignet sich für Aphatiker, Personen, die  an Dysarthrie erkrankt sind, Einsatz bei der Therapie von Dysphagie gelähmter Kinder;


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A speech therapy tool for use in cases of significant impairment of lips and tongue 
movements; a tool designed for a treatment of patients who cannot properly open/close 
their mouths or jaws, which is necessary for sound production and swallowing, and also for a 
treatment of patients who are unable to move the food bolus during the swallowing process. 
Ice Finger allows you to exercise:
1. Lip closure
2. Orbicularis oris muscle contraction
3. Sucking reflex
4. Lip rounding 
5. Tongue retraction for proper swallowing
Outer cover: Bite resistant, Latex free PVC. 
Filling: Non-toxic gel.
The product comes with detailed instructions by S. Rosenfeld Johnson.

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