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  • REREK for the therapy of r sound
  • REREK for r sound
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  • Squiggle Wiggle REREK

Logopädischer Vibrator REREK

effektive Therapie von Rotazismus, im Set zwei Löffel: weich und hart, an die Zunge anlegen, die mit der Zungenspitze  den Gaumen berührt, Einschalttaste drücken, Gerät mit hoher Amplitude;



логопедический массажер REREK - Постановка звука "р"

REREK with spoons

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Manufacturer ARK Therapeutic Services, Inc.
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REREK vibrator with spoons

REREK vibrator is highly recommended for rhotacizm therapy. It helps in mechanical activation of tongue muscles.

How to perform the exercise:

The R sound articulation should be preceded by the professional diagnosis of anatomical and functional tongue condition and patient’s oral sensibility;

Before use make sure that the spatula or tip are threaded properly into the stem;

Instruct the patient to keep his/her tongue tip against the upper teeth;

Insert the tip of the vibrator under the tongue, along its center line;

Turn the vibrator on after making sure that the tongue is properly elevated and it will be hitting the hard palate;

Clean or disinfect the tip/spatula after every use;

Do not use vibrator for more than 1-2 minutes without a break;

During vibration of under the tongue area, move the tool back from time to time (e.g. every 10-20 seconds) and watch the tongue reaction;

After observance of the extended involuntary patient’s resonance, change the vibration frequency or turn the vibrator off;

Note: During the exercise make sure the patient is phonically active while vibrations are on and don’t let his/her tongue rest on the vibrator’s tip.


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