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Speech therapy tools

Struggling with speaking, swallowing disorders and other issues of a similar nature? PJ Therapeutic is the shop for you! The online store was created for specialists, parents, children and adults. You will get here quality, modern solutions aimed at accelerating success of your treatment.

The speech therapy, oral motor tools, dysphagia products and other solutions were designed to suit your specific needs. To meet the requirements of a wide group of customers, the offer is very diverse. Find different Z-Vibe tips, chewing grabbers, special valves, cups and various accessories. Pick the most appropriate colour, suitable size, required shape as well as optimum hardness.

What is more, shipping in 24 hours and short delivery time give you extra comfort of shopping online. At the same time the solutions from leading, well-known brands are available at low prices. Purchase state-of-the-art speech therapy tools, oral motor solutions or dysphagia products at minimum cost!

Search for the tips for Z-Vibe oral motor exercises, find dysphagia products for you and/or your child or patient. Browse the full offer of speech therapy tools. Trust the experience and reliability of one of the best brands!


EARDOC™ - ear infections treatment

MASSAGER EARDOC™ - ear infections treatment

- relieves pain in children and adults, solves the problem, the only one clinical effective drug free non surgical treatment!

EARDOC™ is non invasive device designed to open the Eustachian tube and release fluids and air trapped behind the eardrum, causing pain and infections in the middle ear (OTITIS MEDIA). In most cases, the pain is caused by the accumulatedair and fluids pressuring on the eardrum. About 75% of children aged 2 and up are affected by Otitis Media and annually 30-35 milion visits to the dictors are related to ear pain and/or ear infections.

The fluids and air are drained by the EARDOC™ vibrations and the pain is relieved quickly and effectively. The EARDOC™ opens the ear tube without medication or eat tube surgery which is quite expensive in most countries.

HOW does it work?

EARDOC™ generates and transmits vibration waves to the middle ear and the Eustachian tube through the mastoid bone.