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  • Infant trainer w opak
  • Infant trainer - trenażer dla dzieci
  • Infant trainer - trenażer dla dzieci

ermöglichen die Korrektur von Störungen bei Kindern mit gemischter Dentition vor der orthodontischen Behandlung; zum Angewöhnen der Nasenatmung, des korrekten Schluckens und der korrekten Zungenlage im Mundraum;


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Manufacturer Myofunctional Research Co.
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Infant trainer (for children 2 - 5 years old)

INFANT TRAINER is an active exerciser that encourages patients to chew correctly while 
using the jaw muscles. The trainer helps patients to breathe through their nose and it also 
trains them to swallow and position their tongue correctly. Research clearly illustrates that 
correct facial, jaw and dental growth depends strongly on all of these factors. This trainer 
may prevent the need for orthodontic treatment once the patient grows older.
INFANT TRAINER plays a significant role in the support of the growth and development of 
your child:
The air springs allow a gentle, active stimulation to the growing face muscles and jaws.
Tongue tag actively trains the child to position their tongue and swallow correctly.
Tongue guard prevents thumb sucking and tongue thrusting (immature swallowing). Thanks 
to all above characteristics, INFANT TRAINER helps to eliminate all these poor habits with 
possible negative dental impacts and stimulates a child’s jaw to ensure that correct facial 
and jaw growth is achieved.
PATIENTS GROUPS: children with low facial muscle tone and children with interdental lisp.

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