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verbessern das Schließen des Mundes, verstärken und dehnen die Muskulatur der unteren Lippe, um die Überfunktion beim Schlucken zu reduzieren; führen zu einer Entwöhnung der frontalen Zungenlage, weshalb sie auch gern in der Therapie von Zwischenzahn-Lispeln eingesetzt werden;


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Manufacturer Myofunctional Research Co.
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Lip trainer

Lip trainer is designed to improve lip seal, strengthen lip muscles and stretch the lower lip 
muscles to reduce their over activity on swallow.
Hold your lips tight around the tool and pull the strap but ensure your lips are still sealed. 
Subsequently pull the strap up, then down so that each lip works separately. Keep changing 
the directions. Recommended daily use is five minutes twice daily.
DISINFECTION: Trainer should be cleaned in warm water with soap or mild detergent. The 
device can also be disinfected in the VIO 300 type sanitizers.
Note: For individual use only.

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