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  • ora light small kit

Set für Fachspezialisten, die sich mit der Sprachtherapie von Aphatikern und Personen, die  an Dysarthrie erkrankt sind, befassen – 8 Stck. mit DVD und Detail-Anweisung; Erhältlich sind die Set PEDIATRIC – 4 Stck. für Kinder,


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Manufacturer KAPITEX
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ORA light small kit

CONTENT:  kit consists of 4 oral motor exercise tools (4 small size for children). All are packed in an aesthetic and comfortable mini plastic case.

APPLICATION: for development and strengthening of various oral muscle groups:

Tool No. 1: Genioglossus muscle – elevation and forward tongue movements, orbicularis oris muscle – lips strengthening and labial & labiodentals sound production;

Tool No. 2: Genioglossus muscle – elevation and forward tongue movements;

Tool No. 3: Tongue intrinsic muscles for interdental lisp therapy and the forward tongue movement tendency treatment;

Tool No. 4: Tongue rear muscles – ‘k’, ‘g’, ‘y’ sounds. This kit is recommended for professional therapists working with patients during post-stroke speech therapy and patients with aphasia and dysarthria.

FABRIC: polycarbonate

GROUP OF PATIENTS: children with dysarthria


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