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das Spezialprofil dieses Spatels ermöglicht das seitliche Verschieben der Zunge, Lateralisierung der Zunge (bilaterale Bewegungen) und Heben der Zungenspitze (Apex), was u.a. im Kauprozess ausgenutzt wird;


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Manufacturer ARK Therapeutic Services, Inc.
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This oral motor tool was specifically designed to develop lateral tongue movements and the 
tongue tip elevation. It should be used to navigate the tongue from side to side or up and 
Tongue lateralization and elevation tool kit
-Recommended for patients with severely impaired tongue movements; patients during 
post stroke speech therapy, and patients with aphasia and dysarthria who are aware of their 
tongue position.
How to use? Patients exercise by moving the metal ball along the attachment string with 
their tongues. Tongue lateral movements are necessary for proper chewing and the up and 
down ones for swallowing.
One kit consists of two tongue tips and detailed instructions on how to use the tools.

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