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Therapie-Sauger, auch zur Behandlung von Aphasie bei Erwachsenen geeignet, einsetzbar zur Therapie von Schluckstörungen durch Zungendysfunktion;


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NUK Suction Trainer

This is a therapeutic product designed to exercise sucking and to help with normalization of 
abnormal oral motor activities (e.g. problems with chewing, swallowing, facial expressions or 
The special features of this product are: the prolonged neck, large anatomical mouth shield 
with holes and an extremely large baglet for more comfortable sucking.
The use of NUK Suction Trainer can have a positive effect on tonus regulation or the 
harmonization of the inner and outer mouth muscles. Even persistent habits such as the 
grinding of teeth and tongue thrusting, together with pain and cracking in the jaw joints, can 
be effectively treated.
 NUK Suction Trainer can be used to practice the controlled swallowing of small amounts of 
fluid (in accordance to PADOVAN myofunctional therapy method, where the water is given 
by a syringe, through the factory holes in the shield).
The trainer is available in two sizes - for school children and for adults. 
It is made of high quality natural latex – may cause allergic reactions.
Note: disinfect before the first use, do not disinfect in dishwashers, do not allow the water 
to boil away during the disinfection process in boiling water, after disinfecting in cold 
disinfectants make sure to remove the excess.


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