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  • REREK for the therapy of r sound
  • REREK for r sound
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  • Squiggle Wiggle REREK

REREK vibrator is the most succesfull tool for the therapy of the R sound (vibrating like polish, russian, spanish).


REREK with spoons

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REREK vibrator with spoons

REREK vibrator is highly recommended for rhotacizm therapy.

It helps in mechanical activation of tongue muscles. It helps to learn the sound of R too, as it is important for some children to hear the R, before they start to produce the sound themselves especially those with hearing impairments.

How to perform the exercise:

The R sound articulation should be preceded by the professional diagnosis of anatomical and functional tongue condition and patient’s oral sensibility;

Before use make sure that the spatula or tip are threaded properly into the stem;

Instruct the patient to keep his/her tongue tip against the upper teeth;

Insert the tip of the vibrator under the tongue, along its center line;

Turn the vibrator on after making sure that the tongue is properly elevated and it will be hitting the hard palate;

Clean or disinfect the tip/spatula after every use;

Do not use vibrator for more than 1-2 minutes without a break;

During vibration of under the tongue area, move the tool back from time to time (e.g. every 10-20 seconds) and watch the tongue reaction;

After observance of the extended involuntary patient’s resonance, change the vibration frequency or turn the vibrator off.

If the elevation is insufficient try tools like LifteR or the SPEECH BUDDY RABBIT to position tongue high on the hard palate.

Note: During the exercise make sure the patient is phonically active while vibrations are on and don’t let his/her tongue rest on the vibrator’s tip.


The Z-vibe tip hard and soft spoons are MEDICAL DEVICES!


Logopädischer Vibrator REREK

effektive Therapie von Rotazismus, im Set zwei Löffel: weich und hart, an die Zunge anlegen, die mit der Zungenspitze  den Gaumen berührt, Einschalttaste drücken, Gerät mit hoher Amplitude;



логопедический массажер REREK - Постановка звука "р"



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