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orofacial massagers

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Tools for Speech Therapy


Typical roller for massaging the face is nothing like turning the body "brush" with several massage insets (a rotating hedgehog). The rollers may have different shapes, size, hardness, but the principle of their operation is the same. These are non-invasive, so you can use them even daily. Without fear that you hurt yourself. "Furlers" massage the skin surface, which do not penetrate the subcutaneous tissue or more muscles. Good news for the stressed: a few minutes of massage using them removes micro great tension in the skin.



"Muscle spindles in a complete human tongue are shown to be sufficiently numerous in certain positions to contribute the prioprioceptive sense of the tongue. This organs fulfils a number of functions, one of this being due to the presence of many sensitive touch endings. These endings are quick to send to the higher centres information about the position of the tongue and the state of the mouth and teeth."

S. Cooper "Muscle spindles in the intrinsic muscles of the human tongue"